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Sunday, 20 January 2019 07:56 AM Write a comment

Over priced and incredibly slow - what should have taken a day took 3. Wayne was professional, prompt and communicated well but his rates do not reflect the workmanship you'd expect. I wouldn't recommend."

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Internal reply from Wayne
"Firstly the words "I don't care about the cost, I just want it perfect" would suggest that the job is done without rush. Secondly, I'd suggest that in future you turn off all your security cameras or at least not monitor them remotely as you will find that tradesmen perform far better without being watched constantly. I'm not even sure what you were thinking 'hiding' a camera inside the motorcycle helmet on the table, hidden is a long bow. Finally, having not been given the opportunity to actually finish any part of the job completely, suggesting my workmanship isn't up to scratch is a ridiculous statement. I take pride in my work and take the time and care to make sure it is done to the highest quality."
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